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Keep an eye on them. A fear submitted by Kiran to Deep Dark Fears - thanks! You can find more information here. Okay so what I literally want to know is 1. Where is this jumper from? Did Finn steal this jumper from Bill? See more! A story sent to deepdarkfears. Transits The word transit refers to the perpetual motion of a celestial body through multiple astrological measures of energy, particularly the Zodiac and the twelve houses. Transits affect everyone all the time, but uniquely per individual natal chart.

They indicate general patterns, possibilities, changes, moods, and can even be used to loosely predict future events. Return A return takes place when a planet makes a full revolution through the Zodiac back to its natal position. The chart is calculated for the transits of the time when the return is exact. Harmonic There are theoretically an infinite number of different harmonic charts, but the premise is that there is a harmonic for each aspect.

It is used relatively infrequently. They must be activated by transits, synastry, or natal aspects in order to be relevant. Uranian Uranian astrology is a relatively new branch of the subject, less than a century old, which uses midpoints as its primary indicator of energetic or archetypal manifestation.

As the combination of what represents two different people, it can also indicate a lot about things they create together. Synastry Synastry is the comparison of two natal charts by overlaying one upon the other. And Steven was wary about idealising Rose the way the Crystal Gems did. He says this explicitly several times. Had it not been the case, the Rose we saw could not have evoked the feelings she did.Hello everyone.

I have been a busy busy person. My legal problems are over and we officially are the parents of the twins I recently gave birth to. It has been a long journey.

During this busy time, I have been baking a baby for a well deserving father via traditional surrogacy. He was adopted after his teenage mother also adopted died from complications with his own birth. He has no known blood relatives and wants to be a father badly. This has been an amazing journey. I am excited to be a part of this special time. This time pregnancy has been a unique one by far. James has been involved and has helped my family through a lot while we were dealing with legal battles and lots of drama.

My twins adore him! This pregnancy has been all natural. I have had very little medical treatment and zero for the baby. It sounds odd but if you knew his history you would understand.

I have not heard a heart beat. I have not seen a blurry image in a dark room. We are not even certain when the baby was conceived. A test single strip showed us when I felt a little off just before attempting another insemination. I was assuming it would take a while because I was exclusively nursing twins on demand. I had not had a period since given birth to the twins. If its meant to be it will be. Things are very relaxed. When the baby comes, it comes. Of course we are. Her biggest concern is the size of my growing belly.

Again I could have a month or this could be the day.

birth tumblr

I doubt it though. This pregnancy seems to cozy still. Baby is really making mom work hard to push him out while he tries to stay inside. Its hard but mommy wins! The babies are doing great. They are nursing all the time and my breast are crazy huge feeding TWO babies! My belly is somewhat normal but needs toned up. I guess I can thank the babies healthy breast on demand for my rapid weight loss…. My husband on the other hand is completely reversed impatiently waiting while he seeks options to get me pregnant again.

I know we have a long road ahead of us. I have a lot of stress right now. I have been having contractions since Saturday night or Sunday morning.I love how she let it stretch her pussy slowly and her trying her best to breathe well.

It would have been better if the husband had been rubbing her belly and massaging her tits. Magnus smiled lovingly as he looked at Alec. Now run along and give that fertility tincture to Cat. Her client sounded like she was in need. The portal quickly closed behind Madsy, and Magnus gave Alec a chaste kiss, leaving the imagination free to devise more activities for later. Alec began moving, the thrusting quickly becoming a punishing rhythm that set the headboard clattering against the wall.

This went on for hours. Both males trading off position - it was, after all, a partnership reminded Magnus - until the wee hours of the morning when they both finally fell into an exhausted slumber. Quietly he slipped from the bed and drew a robe across his shoulders.

Stretching, he meandered through the halls of his spacious apartment, stopping dead in front of a mirror as his reflection caught his eye.

Turning to the mirror Magnus inspected his reflection running his hands over a distended abdomen, receiving a sharp kick in response. He looked nearly nine months pregnant! He raced to pull tomes and ingredients from the shelves. Thumping books and chiming glass from the workroom woke Alec from his exhausted sleep. Slipping into some boxers, Alec went in search of Magnus and heard frantic muttering from behind closed doors. You alright in there?

birth tumblr

Do you want anything special? After changing into some street clothes, he made his way to the door, only to find a magical barrier in place. Why is your barrier active? Something going on? I need to stop it before I reach full term.

But if I can stop it- transfer it - magically before reaching full term, then all will be well. Now all we need is a little bit of magic. He gave Alec the smirk and shrug and tried again, reaching deeper into his stores of magic, only to find nothing there. Minutes that were futile. He could feel the baby inside him growing by the second. He slumped into the closest chair, exhausted. Magnus nodded. Nothing worked. I am not consciously doing it and I cannot actively remove it either.

I mean, when… you know. She went into labor about 4 weeks early. Help did not arrive in time.That we forgot to upload here I guess we all forgot we had a tumblr. Oh no! The first of our crossover series with danganrebirth-voices! Check out their channel here!

And look out for more in future. Hey guys, thanks for checking this out!

20 Shockingly Beautiful Birth Photos You Won't Be Able To Stop Thinking About

All payment will be done through PayPal. Prices below are in U. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me! Note: if you would like to use OCs instead of canon characters, that is perfectly fine! You must send the full body sprites you would like used to me, though.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Danganrebirth-Voices is a group creating a full, English Danganronpa video series using the characters of Danganronpa Re: Birth! Tagged under: danganronpa rebirth drrb danganronpa dangan ronpa danganrebirth-voices mod mizuta fanmade dangan re:birth danganronpa re:birth daily life chapter 2 just trying to put in all the tags ehehe.

Tagged under: mod saiji danganronpa drrb. Tagged under: drrb danganronpa mod saiji. Tagged under: drrb danganrebirth-voices mod saiji saiji rokudou kasumi izumo maiko kagura comic dub danganronpa dr dangan rebirth. Opening Commissions!For Kim it has been the coldest winter she had exprenced for a long time, she cursed herself for staying in this old flat.

As Kim waited for the kids to be let out she saw Alexia, the mother of her daughters best friend. As they waited they casualy chatted, Kim decided not to metion about there lack of hot water. As Mia joined Kim, she explained that the hot water was out again this evening. Alexia held her belly as if to highlight the reason why. She decided she would sort herself out once she returned home.

When Kim rang the doorbell she was greeted by Alexia who was covered in little flour handprints all over her belly, she just laughed. We all just got an email, school is closed tomorow as the snow is going to be so heavy. Mia enjoyed her evening having a sleepover whilst Kim and Alexia had a nice pasta dish and chat, both single parents apprecated the grown up time. The girls enjoyed counting down and Kim had been taken aback when Alexia gave her a bit more then a peck on the lips but never questioned it.

Kim nodded and maybe it was her imagination but at that point it seemed to be Alexia goal to get the girls washed, teeth brushed, story read and tucked in for the night. At first running her hand along the bottom, then slowly pushing her fingers back up along the top near her breasts. She stopped as she realised what she was doing, this was not meant to be getting aroused as she felt for the baby.

Kim was right, Alexia practically had to hold in a moan of delight. She got changed and on her way back passed Kim some clothes to sleep in, as she goes and gets changed in the bathroom Kim takes the chance to take a breather. Alexia has a daughter and a unborn child to think of, Kim has her daughter. Kim puts the soft nightdress on, she is suprised that Alexia would pick this for her. As Alexia waited for Kim to return she felt an as an odd sensation within her womb, but she put that down to the arousal she was feeling for Kim.

She knew that Kim was a forbidden fruit and she knew better the to go after a straight girl, but this was all just a bit of fun. While in the bathroom Kim notices all the birthing supplies, from the look of it Alexia was having a home birth.

Even a clamp for the cord and a at home fetal heart monitor. Kim tried to remember how far along Alexia was, would she be due soon? But as she joins Alexia in the bedroom Alexia seems to be taking her all in, before hiding her glance and looking down.I just realised something. According to Setlock information about the birth scene in the Miles Street tunnel the actors were wearing summer clothes X.

So I did a little calculation:. The wedding takes place on 18th May, according to Sherlock Mary is in her first trimester. She does not seem to have realised that she did not menstruate else she would not react so surprised. So we can assume that she is very early in the pregnancy. Just for fun I used an online calculator and randomly chose 18 April as conception date which gives you an estimated date of birth of 9 January.

So there is no scenario whatsoever of Mary giving birth during a season in which she would wear a light summer dress. Btw, Sherlock and John are wearing light clothes as well. Sherlock is just in a suit, he does not wear his coat.

SV: Pregnant forever! But um… MG: It is an elephant! BC: It is, yeah. If the birth scene from S4E1 was real and Mary gave birth in summer, she would indeed have had the gestation period of an elephant. So I take this in addition to the heavy dream symbolism of tunnels and births as evidence that the Miles Street tunnel scene is not real. Keep reading. Watching the birth scene in American Horror Story. I had to pause the video a couple of times.

My body gets weak watching Vivien screaming in pain. Oh god. Went looking in the Sense8 birth tag looking for a gifset of that amazing birth scene. Get over yourselves. Source via Source. Original Article. Before this, Bella rather nobly eschews her own health for the sake of the baby at every turn, and prepares to die in order for it to live. This is outrageous to Jacob who is, obviously, a minority. And indeed they only have sex twice on their honeymoon, because Bella gets instantly pregnant.

As it should be, right? In the world of Twilight, sex is only something married people do, and even then only to make babies.Watching home birth videos is one of the best ways to prepare yourself and your family for a home birth. Videos inspire, teach, give your more confidence and assure you that you can do it too!

birth tumblr

I have been a fan of natural birth videos especially home births for many years. I watched them when I was pregnant and I still watch them now. I have saved my favorites and put them here for you to enjoy! Get your tissue paper ready because you WILL be crying. Few years ago these documentaries "opened my eyes" about home births.

Brinley's Birth - Acacia Clark

In fact many couples decided to give births at home after watching some of these documentaries. They are quite long, but they are sure worth it to watch with your partner. Pregnant In America - Documentary. Orgasmic Birth - Best Kept Secret. More Business of Being Born Trailer. The Face of Birth documentary Trailer. If you are planning to have your child during your home birth, show him some videos of births to visualize and prepare for your being in labor and birthing a baby.

Everybody will have a great experience. Mom and Dad caught baby Juniper while big sister was the photographer. Birth video for Daddy in Afghanistan. Twin home birth. Slide of pictures. Babies were born almost 9 hours apart. Danielle's Twin Homebirth. The Home Birth of Lemma Maria. Birth of Ruby, natural home water birth.

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