Heathkit h8 for sale

They created a line of products known as Heathkits, these allowed electronic enthusiasts to purchase a kit version of an electronic product and build an equivalent home assembled version for a fraction of the price. The Heathkits were usually aimed at hobbyists wanting to build radio equipment, however in the produced the Heathkit H8 computer that ran a custom operating system known as HDOS and became very successful. In Zenith Radio bought Heath Company seeing the potential of the burgeoning personal computer market.

The Heath H89 was rebranded as the Zenith Z and came as an assembled all in one personal computer system housing a monitor and floppy disk drive. Prior to the H89 most computer systems required a terminal and a form of external storage; the H89 changed that scenario by having the entire system in one box.

The Z also had a secondary Z processor to handle operation of the built in 12 inch monochrome terminal that displayed in black and white as standard with green or amber as options. There was space next to the terminal for two 5.

The badge was also different on the earlier versions. A lot of expansion chip boards became available for the unit, including a 64k RAM board to increase its memory capacity thus further.

Software range for the Z was small in size when compared to some of the other popular systems of that era. The Z as the H89 before lacked the X factor that was enjoyed by more successful home computers of that period such as the Commodore 64 and the Apple II.

However the Z cabinet was iconic of the machine and a testament to the Heathkit brand that had helped to establish it in the home computer market. By the Z had come to the end of life and Zenith decided to retire the machine from the market. The H89 and Zenith Z89 are popular amongst collectors but are not very rare. You might also like. September 3, November 14, October 27, November 14, September 21, November 14, This Web page is about my original H8 Heath computer which I bought in The original H8 Heath Computer was unstable due to the fact that all the backplane connectors were tin plated which caused bad connections.

To improve this issue, I upgraded the backplane by using gold plated connectors. At such time I decided to also buy the T-H90 backplane from Trionyx due to its features. As time passed, I decided to design my own K memory board to be able to use the bank switching software from Trionyx.

Then I designed the Super-Buffer board to be able to control the CPU speed, to control the K memory board, to be able to update the OS time clock and to be able to buffer the printer output into K of memory.

Finally when the H19 terminal was available, I did buy the one with the green screen. In I decided to put into storage my complete H8 Computer system and it was until that I decided to take it out from storage. I was concern about the H8 Heath Computer on not responding, but on power-on it worked fine; I was excited to see it working. The next step was to power-on the H19 terminal and it also worked fine. Then I decided to power-on my 10MB hard drive connected to the Xebec controller, but it failed to work.

The next step was to get new or restore floppy drives to read my floppy media which has been in storage since My main target was to recover the hard drive utilities to be able to add a new Winchester hard drive to the Xebec controller.

This is done to enable the entire Heath Computer hobbyist that are still preserving the Heath computer history and to be able to boot from the IDE hard drives which are available at this time. Date and Time: September 29, AM.Table of Contents Introduction. I set up this series of Web pages because I have good memories of the place.

It was a time when the late David Nurse President of Heath Company could walk into the factory and greet assembly workers by name. Even though Heath had stores and outlets around the world, it was a mom-and-pop organization.

heathkit h8 for sale

Customers knew they were part of the family. Many sent feedback on how much they enjoyed building a particular kit and contributed suggestions for new products.

Does that sound kinda goody-two-shoes? Well, on a day-to-day basis, it was a job.

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Some people couldn't get along with others. Some customers you couldn't please no matter what you did. But for the most part, it was a fair time. It was printed in nearly every manual and advertisement from the company. Joseph, Michigan. Across the parking lot from the building was Lakeshore Drive and Lake Michigan. The sign was highly visible from the road. In the summer, many customers who were vacationing in the area would see it and make it a point to visit the company that sent them "their" kit.

Weekly group tours of the plant were free. I'm not sure if I recalled it properly. If anyone can provide more information, please email me. History I ramble a lot here.

HeathKit H8 - Part 3-A - H8-16 16K RAM Card - Does it work? - STB170

All facts are drawn from memory unless I quote documents stating otherwise. Company Heath Company declared bankruptcy inbut was revived when it went into new ownership in It began manufacturing kits again, plus selling add-ons, manuals, and other services. Heath Clubs Past and present organizations associated with Heath and some stories associated with them. It contains his memories and many other Heath employees.

heathkit h8 for sale

Used with permission of the Heyning family. Stories of Heath Products Miscellaneous stories that I remember; others were told to me. These cover a variety of subjects which sometimes overlap with other sections on this page. For example, if you're looking for service information, you should check both here and the links listed in Troubleshooting and Repair. Heathkit Company's Home Page. Yes, they're still out there. They got out of the kit business in the early 90s and focused on educational products for the next couple of decades.

However, they're now back in the kit business. See their web page for details. The Heath Virtual Museum! Many fine pictures of Heath products, and more.The H-8 in my collection hasn't yet been fully evaluated but it does run and appear to try and boot the floppy drives. Look for updates and photos here as time permits. I'm looking for the source listing for the H ROM? Anyone want to trade? New email address replaces earlier post.

I haven't checked the software for many years, but they might work. Submitted May 29, by Norbert Would like to buy a Heathkit H-8 for restoration purposes. Already own one and was able to restore it to boot from an IDE hard drive by using the Z controller.

Thanks, Norbert Submitted May 6, by Shawn I have: 2 h8's one z80 mod and other stock both have 64k 4 boards and 1 64k h17 with h37 mod h47 dual 8 drives h17 board h37 board and lots more sorry sent the h9 and z19 to the bin still have the z29 have all the manuals and 8,5 floppies.

Hey, op systems: Hdos,msdos,cpm,mpm2,some z stuff too. You can call me and leave a msg. I also have some software for them. I also have a Zenith Data Systems printer type thing-a-majig for sale as well, that is also in excellent condition.

heathkit h8 for sale

Anyone interested? Anyone interested in buying them?? Anyone have software they would care to share? Sorry the message is still here. All the manuals. H37 soft sector controller. Z80 motherboard at 4MHz.

Running HDOS. Email me with offers! If someone wants a copy, drop me a line. I also have an H8, H19, tapes, software, and manuals - all in boxes in my spare room! Anyone have one for sale? Submitted November 29, by davewa Your description of the H-8 is incomplete.

It also supported 8 floppies and the H67 10 mB hard drive and there was an optional Z processor card. All free to a good home, but I really don't want to ship. Located in Fresno, California. It is in Excellent working order and I also have the source code and instruction manuals that go with it. Submitted April 2, by Mr. Henson I have an H for sale. I also have some games on floppy disks. If you are interested in any or all of this, please contact me at rick. Rick Pepper Add additional information or comments to this page:.

Please use these comments to add to or correct the contents of this page. If you are looking for information, software or hardware please consider posting on the Vintage Computer Forums.

If you have a vintage, classic, antique or collectable computer, game or related item s for sale or trade please consider using the fee free Vintage Computer and Gaming Marketplace.

Please be aware that the email address you post will be posted in the clear.Here's more information to explain what I mean. If you are looking for or about old or new kits by HeathI have some information. This Web page is largely about the Heathkit or Heath - Zenith computers built and sold in the 's and 80's.

But I also have information and manuals for other computer products from Heathkit, on this or other Web pages. Details and links are below. What happened to Heathkit? On other Web pages: Details on the Z system and its history are on another page. For my S Home page follow this link. Some Heath and Zenith test equipment and manuals analog video monitors including Zenith brand H systems wanted, for sale Z operating system disk package Z computers and hardware for sale H systems, docs for sale H-8 systems, docs for sale Zenith parts: transistors, mechanicals Heath Zenith manuals and software for sale Heath Zenith magazines available Heathkit manuals available Ordering information and how to email me can be found in this notice.

See this Web page for a tribute. Heath Zenith Z computers The Z model pictured on the left is generally called the low profile modelwithout an internal CRT monitor; the Z or "all-in-one" model shown on the right had a internal monochrome CRT monitor which many updated to color.

These models have a six-slot S backplane on their and CPU motherboard. There's Web links to those and other Z pages at the top of this Web page. The Z is a computer design called "S". Follow this link for details, and manuals I have available.

H systems, repairs, docs I'm very fond of these H systems, I used these some years ago and worked with a developer and manufacturer of H89 cards. I have a few of these systems, but haven't had time in the past to do much with them.

But inI did some repairs to a few H systems. Then in summerI had reasons to repair these H89 computers again. Here's a Web page with a brief look at those Z's. I have more information on my analog computers Web page. Also check github under that name. Also see Mark Garlanger's work which Durgadas references.


Apparently Durgadas implemented a number of Magnoila hardware products for the H89, and provides Magnolia support software. Also some H8 support, not clear if the is supported. Interesting and a good "save" of that Magnolia material. Unclear if the emulator will run in the Windows world, references are to Linux. In addition to many disk images and ROM dumps available on my website I also have several newly designed PCBs for the H8 computer that I offer to those who are interested.

The Google group dates from late and for a old computer discussion group is modestly active. Many thanks! He's working on an emulator, see his github page. I have some Heath related magazines for sale. An Italian Web site with a Z All-in-one and some other computers of the era. Beautiful photographs! Steven Vagts, the long time editor of Z Lifelinea newsletter about the Z and related Heath and Zenith products. He also has some business in Z products.

Check with him for details. And I like the old Heath's anyway. So encourage Dave with his work and maybe to move "up" to the H89 or Z with his emulation!The Heathkit H was available in the late 's and early 's. It came in kit-form requiring the buyer to assemble and even solder some of the computer boards in the system. It was called the 'All-In-One', since prior to this most computer systems required a terminal and some external storage.

This computer had a built in terminal and included a built-in floppy drive. The built-in terminal was equivalent to their own H terminal. They shared a common core but each had minor differences with ROM, add-in cards, amount of memory, and whether or not the system came in kit-form or assembled. Models starting with an 'H' for Heathkit came in kit-form. Models starting with 'Z' for Zenith Data Systems came assembled.

The computer's main processor is a Zilog Z running at 2. The system also contained second Z that handled operation of the built-in terminal. The system initially came with 16k of RAM.

Later models came standard with 48k of RAM. The built-in disk drive used hard-sectored floppy disks and stored a maximum of k per disk. The screen was 12" and supported 80x24 characters with a special '25th Line'.

It had 33 character-based graphic symbols. Kit HS, with std. With bus connectors. This board accepts forty-eight in sockets also fifty-four pin sockets or other combinations. Doubles on-line data storage capacity of double-sided H or single-sided H disk drives below.

Disk system that was designed for the H8, but could also be used the by H Supported single-sided, single density, 48 tpi drives. Up to 2 drives 3 with the H above. Came in kit-form H or assembled WH Assembled Dual-Sided Disk System with two drives for 1. The dual-drive Z provides enough on-line data storage for extended accounting inventory and mathematical functions - up to over 2.

It accepts 8" IBM floppy diskettes. Includes wire wrapping tool, 50 feet of wire and pre-cut, pre-stripped wires 50 each in 1", 2", 3", and 4" lengths.This Web page last updated NOv 20 This Web page is specific to Heath-Zenith computer items I have for sale.

See my Heath - Zenith general Web page for more information about Heath-Zenith computers of the 's and 80's. Ordering information and how to email me can be found in this notice.

The Z model pictured on the left is generally called the low profile modelwithout an internal CRT monitor; the Z or "all-in-one" model shown on the right had a internal monochrome CRT monitor which many updated to color. These models have a six-slot S backplane on their and CPU motherboard.

heathkit h8 for sale

But over the last few years, I usually get "I have a bunch of stuff, I have to move it, can you help? Also: if you are a thousand miles away and only have a week, there's not much I can do.

Healthkit H8

Maybe I can refer you to someone else, that's about it. I don't pay much, because I have plenty, and they don't sell for much. I may want selected parts, even if you have to discard the rest and can't ship, so ask me accordingly. Again, I may know someone local to you who is interested.

Thank you. Z software diskette sets, good copies Here's selected Z software packages I've put together. The diskettes are good copies from original diskettes. In some cases I offer extracts from various manuals, or other notes. Read the details. If you are interested in original Z manuals and diskettes, check my list of Z manuals and disks for availability. Z systems software disk manual package I have had requests from "new" Z owners for operating information and "boot disks" or operating systems.

Consequently I've put together this Z systems disk package : several disks and photocopied manual exerpts. ZDOS 1. X one blank K diskette X and 3. X with the message "requires ZDOS 2. LINK is required to turn. OBJ files into executables. If you are interested in original manuals and diskettes, check my list of Z manuals for availability.

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