Open box ac unit

Take a break from the heat and humidity outdoors and relax in front of a new portable air conditioner. Portable AC units from Sears are easy to set up and relocate, which means they can go from room to room along with you. Start your day off comfortably with a portable air conditioner in your bedroom. You'll appreciate the adjustable temperature and fan settings as you get dressed and ready for the day. These smaller units are ideal for individual rooms, but can be supplemented with oscillating fans or ceiling fans to help circulate cool air throughout your home.

Evaporative portable air conditioning units don't require an external vent, which means you won't need to have a window nearby to use one. Cart your evaporative AC unit to the home office, kitchen or living room before finishing an important project, cooking a meal or settling in for a movie marathon with the family.

Unlike window air conditioners that are designed to be installed and removed at the beginning and end of the season, portable air conditioners can be used year-round. Customize the settings of your new portable air conditioner using the remote control and timing settings available on many models. When the weather starts to cool down, simply store the device away in a closet or pantry until it's needed again. You'll find some of the best portable air conditioners available at Sears.

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open box ac unit

Control the temperature anywhere in your home with a portable air conditioner from Sears Take a break from the heat and humidity outdoors and relax in front of a new portable air conditioner.

Google Adsense. Earn points, get exclusive coupons and save.It's a hot day and your air conditioner won't turn on! Before calling a repair service, there's a few things you should check. You may be able to save yourself some money and fix the problem yourself!

Although, it's possible that the issue is serious and will require professional air conditioner repair. There's a good chance that it's one of six common problems. If your AC unit won't turn on, the first thing you should check is if there was a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. There's a good chance that the problem is a tripped breaker if the circuit was overloaded. This is especially common during the summer months when temperatures rise and your air conditioner unit is working hard to keep you cool.

However, it is also possible that a power surge caused your air conditioner to blow a fuse or trip a breaker. Before calling an air conditioning professional for repair, check that your thermostat is set to cool. Here's how:. If your AC unit still does not work, you should check to see if the breaker was tripped. There are 2 places to check :.

Electrical Panel - Check your main electrical panel to see if there's a circuit breaker "tripped" older homes use a fuse box. If the circuit breaker has trippedsimply turn it off and then back on. Disconnect Box - Sometimes an AC unit will have a shut-off box nearby. Within the shut-off box there are typically fuses. Caution: If your air conditioner keeps tripping the circuit breaker or blowing fuses, you may have a more serious problem.

You should contact an air conditioner professional for repairs. Consult with a Local Air Conditioning Pro. When your air conditioner unit won't turn on, the problem could be your thermostat.

In order to keep your home cool, your AC unit relies on the thermostat to tell it when to turn on and shut down. If you suspect a problem, check the following :.

If resetting your air conditioner solves the problem, you're good to go. You most likely have a more serious issue that needs to be addressed. Many outdoor AC units have a shut-off switch. These switches are typically located near the unit and are within a metal box mounted to the exterior of your home. They are sometimes labeled as an emergency shut-off. If you recently had work done on your air conditioner, it's possible the workman forgot to flip the switch back to the ON position.

The reason your AC isn't turning on may actually have nothing to do with the outside unit. The problem could be that the power to your furnace and indoor blower has been turned off.

Typically there's a switch located near your furnace. It could be in plain sight or tucked away in a crawl space, closet, or attic. The switch can easily be mistaken as a light switch and someone may have accidentally turned it off. When the switch is in the OFF position, the blower is turned off. This can cause your inside unit to freeze and ultimately shut down your entire AC system.

A Basic Clean for Outdoor AC Units

We highly recommend labeling this switch to help prevent accidentally turning it off. The reason your air conditioner won't turn on could be because the condensate drain line is clogged. When AC units run, they create condensationwhich is removed from the unit through a drain line. When the drain line becomes clogged, a safety switch trips and shuts down your air conditioner.With summer approaching soon comes the time to turn on the AC to keep the house cold.

You might notice that your electric bill spikes up more than expected or that your house is just having trouble staying cold. If it's been more than a few years sense your last AC unit cleaning or you cant remember ever having them cleaned then its probably time for a clean. It's a fairly easy process so save some money by doing it yourself! Whenever doing ANY work with electronics its important to turn the electricity off and check voltage on the unit with a multimeter.

For this particular project the risk isn't as much to do with shock though this still exists and adding water to the mix is even more reason to be cautious but more to do with fear of the unit turning on and spinning fan blades.

Most units should have an electronics box near the unit on the outside of the building. Open it up and flip the switch to the OFF position. The tool list for this project isn't a long one. A ratchet set, flat head screwdriver, a multimeter, and maybe a mallet are all you will need. I prefer using a ratchet set over the flat head simply because I find flat heads tedious to use. The metal shielding surrounding the unit needs to be removed.

Go around the unit removing the screws holding the shield on and once they are all removed it should come off with little trouble. The units pictured are extreme examples of buildup. Much less buildup can still cause issues in cooling.

Start by spraying off the outside at an angle and the buildup will come off in a 'Peeling' fashion.

AC Won’t Turn On – Check This Before Calling an Air Conditioner Pro for Service

Then finish up by spraying from the inside out to clean out debris stuck within the fins. When the buildup is high the fins wont allow enough water to get through to effectively clean the outside without first spraying the outside While the unit is open I clean out any debris that has built up at the bottom of the unit.

Continue spraying around until the unit appears clean. Use very low pressure to avoid bending fins, just an open hose end should do. All that's left is putting the unit back together, cleaning up, and turning the electricity back on. Final notes: Not all units are the same.

Window Air Conditioners

This second unit pictured is different in that the side shielding is "capped" by the top piece instead of screwing into the side. Your unit will more than likely differ slightly from the two pictured but the concept is the same regardless of the unit. Also, this is a very basic cleaning of the units. It will improve efficiency greatly in the unit.

However, a good professional service will be much more thorough. Question 11 months ago. Question 2 years ago. I really appreciate the time taken to write this informative post. Regular maintenance of electronic device is really important, having an annual air conditioning repair and cleaning services of professionals such as estesair. No No No! First of all as a HVAC technician you learn to never trust the breaker.

I see it from time to time that you turn off the breaker and the unit still has volts or more. This Instructable is not recommended for people who don't have a good understanding of electricity. The condenser fan has enough power to slice off fingers or break an arm or wrist. Also throwing water into the mix your asking for an accident. We USE multimeter's to double check the power is off.

The condenser fan blows upward sucking dirt, grass clippings, and other particulates into the coil from the outside in. So you spray from the inside out to flush it out and not lodge something in deeper.While closing vents in your home may seem like it makes sense, particularly in rooms you don't use during those Colorado summers, you'll find over time that you're causing more harm than good.

If you close your AC vents, you actually increase the amount of conditioned air that gets wasted via duct leaks. You see, your AC pushes out cool, conditioned air through your ductwork and into your home. But when you close a vent yes, even just a fewit increases the pressure inside the ducts. And the more pressure inside the ducts, the more air gets pushed out of tiny leaks in your ductwork. Think again.

So we already know that closing AC vents increases pressure inside your ductwork. Instead, they just slow down and blow less air. Remember how a PSC blower produces less cool air when an air vent is closed? Well, less airflow in your AC system can cause your evaporator coils to freeze over and eventually destroy your compressor P.

And eventually cold refrigerant can flow back to the outdoor unit, destroying the compressor. If you want a healthy AC, a comfortable home and reasonable energy bills, you should always leave your AC vents open even in unused rooms. Have questions about leaving your AC vents open?

Just contact us. We provide expert air conditioning repairmaintenance and installation to the Denver Metro area. The answer? Your AC vents should always be open. Because closing AC vents: Increases energy bills Makes you uncomfortable Damages your AC system While closing vents in your home may seem like it makes sense, particularly in rooms you don't use during those Colorado summers, you'll find over time that you're causing more harm than good. Tagged: Tips and definitions.Welcome to the Window Air Conditioners Store, where you'll find great prices on a wide range of different window air conditioners for your home.

Skip to main content. Window Air Conditioners Welcome to the Window Air Conditioners Store, where you'll find great prices on a wide range of different window air conditioners for your home.

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open box ac unit

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open box ac unit

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Sprinter Van Split Air Conditioner DIY RV Conversion

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