Quantum q-cloud protect service provides secure offsite

Quantum has made its Q-Cloud backup for Amazon Web Services available, nearly a year after its official launch and more than six months behind its original schedule. Protect is a companion to Quantum's DXi disk backup library familyusing DXi's data deduplication and replication software.

Archive and Vault are part of Quantum's StorNext file management platform. Archive, which uses Amazon Simple Storage Service to store data that needs to be accessed occasionally, became available last spring. Vault, which puts rarely accessed cold data in Amazon Glacierfollowed in November Q-Cloud Protect was originally scheduled to launch around Junebut tweaking the deduplication to move data off to the cloud proved trickier than expected.

Data is replicated from either a physical or virtual DXi library at the customer's site, providing hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery using variable-length deduplication. The on-premises appliance dedupes data before it is replicated and encrypts data in flight. It is different software architecture than the physical DXi," Bassier said. Explore strategies for cloud backup to protect data. Key backup tips focus on cloud. Benefits and challenges of cloud backup and DR. Please check the box if you want to proceed.

International quality management and compliance standards can help an organization kick off a disaster recovery plan for Datrium will continue to operate independently post-acquisition, and the product will remain separate from VMware Site Recovery, Ransomware is still common, especially in the coronavirus age, so you need to be ready.

Explore ransomware recovery tips from an Unlike cloud NAS rival Panzura, Nasuni execs say they have their sights set on going public rather than getting acquired; count Consumption-based storage has benefits, but it also has challenges, including what it is, unknowns about its future, and control The work-from-home cat is out of the bag, and many skeptical executives have now seen its benefits, boosting markets for Learn best practices and tips for designing hyper-converged systems to support virtual desktops for remote workers in today'sSecure Sockets Layer SSL is a protocol that provides security and privacy over the Internet by negotiating encryption keys before transmitting data between a client and a server.

Q-Cloud Protect for AWS expands Quantum's cloud services

However, you may receive a warning from your Web browser and network security scanners stating that the server you are attempting to connect to does not match the server embedded within the certificate.

This warning is expected behavior because the default certificate can only be used for encryption and not server authentication. We recommend the you replace the default Quantum certificate with your own official certificate specific to your cloud appliance.

By installing your own custom certificate, you can take advantage of server authentication in addition to encrypted communication. If the Secure Connection Failed dialog box displays, click the link at the bottom of the dialog box and follow the instructions to add an exception for your cloud appliance. To establish a secure connection, the cloud appliance must have an encryption key assigned to it by a Certification Authority in the form of a certificate file, private key file, and pass phrase.

After you install these components, you can establish a secure connection using the SSL protocol. Figure 2: Install New Certificate Page. A Successful Upload page displays stating that the SSL certificate file has been installed on the system. See Also. Contact Us. Quantum Service and Support. StorageCare Learning. Search Our Knowledgebase. Customer Self Service Portal. Documentation Feedback.

Quantum Simplifies Deduplication With New DXi-Series Powered by StorNext 5

All rights reserved. All Files. Enabling SSL Secure Sockets Layer SSL is a protocol that provides security and privacy over the Internet by negotiating encryption keys before transmitting data between a client and a server. If subsequent warning pages display along with an option to close your Web browser or continue to the Web site, click Continue to suppress the warnings until you restart your Web browser. Firefox If the Secure Connection Failed dialog box displays, click the link at the bottom of the dialog box and follow the instructions to add an exception for your cloud appliance.

Install an SSL Certificate To establish a secure connection, the cloud appliance must have an encryption key assigned to it by a Certification Authority in the form of a certificate file, private key file, and pass phrase.Call a Specialist Today! Enterprise deduplication appliances engineered to maximize production system availability with ultra-fast ingest performance and restore speeds, and industry-leading storage density.

The DXiS provides industry-best density and delivers ultra-fast performance by leveraging SSDs for metadata operations. Both models use variable-length deduplication to maximize data reduction and offer unique capacity-on-demand scalability.

The DXiS is a high-performance deduplication solution with the power, scale, flexibility, and value to anchor an enterprisewide backup, disaster recovery DRand data protection strategy. It delivers the broadest scale with the smallest footprint, minimizing operational expense and maximizing value and rates of return. The DXiS can scale from 34TB to TB of usable capacity, in only 18U of rack space, allowing customers the flexibility to grow using capacity-on-demand licensing, while saving space and cutting costs in their data center.

Toggle navigation. Quantum Products. Get a Quote. Overview Specifications Documentation. Overview: Enterprise deduplication appliances engineered to maximize production system availability with ultra-fast ingest performance and restore speeds, and industry-leading storage density. What is the DXi Series? Maximize data reduction - Patented variable-length deduplication maximizes data reduction, and combined with 8TB drives you can store up to Minimize datacenter footprint - DXiS is the first deduplication appliance to use 8TB drives, providing better storage density than many other appliances on the market, and dramatically reducing power and cooling costs.

Protect data across sites and in the cloud - WAN efficient replication makes it faster and less expensive to move data in and out of the cloud and between sites for off-site backups. Increase IT staff productivity - Comprehensive and intuitive management tools enable precise business decisions and speed resolution time. Encrypt data from backup to expiration - Protect against data breaches across the enterprise using industry-standard AES bit encryption with SelfEncrypting Drives.

This is also applied to data-in-flight. DXI Accent DXi Accent software, a standard feature on all DXiS Series models, allows the backup server to collaborate in the deduplication process, off-loading part of the data reduction activity so that only unique blocks are sent over the network to the DXi appliance.

DXi Accent can be enabled or disabled on a per-media server basis. This includes file data and metadata, configuration files, and the DXi software and operating system. When Data-at-Rest Encryption is enabled, all hard drives in the DXi are paired with the disk controllers using encryption keys. After this, accessing data on the drives requires the same encryption keys and controllers that were used to write the data.

This ensures that a drive that is physically removed from the DXi cannot be read using another system or device. DXI Advanced Reporting DXi Advanced Reporting, which is included on all DXi appliances, sets new standards for onboard intelligence by giving users a detailed view of internal appliance operations and provides them with years of backup and replication data for extended trend analysis.NYSE: QTM today announced three new solutions that integrate the cloud into multi-tier, hybrid storage architectures for demanding data workloads.

Quantum Q-Cloud Protect

Rejecting the generic one-size-fits-all approach common among many other cloud offerings, the new Q-Cloud TM solutions enable customers to leverage Quantum's intelligent data management software to store data in the cloud when it makes the most sense for a given workflow or application. With all three offerings, customers can realize the full benefits of the cloud without having to make changes to existing applications or processes. Today's Cloud: Compelling Advantages but Limited Adoption in Demanding Workflows By providing advantages such as shifting capital expense to operating expense, reducing management time and enabling users to scale up or down as needed, the cloud is clearly transforming traditional IT strategies.

However, the cloud has played a limited role for organizations with complex, data-intensive workflows -- for example, capturing and evaluating satellite images, producing and distributing high-resolution video, and collecting and analyzing network traffic for cybersecurity defense.

These demanding workflows require reliable, secure, high-performance infrastructure that is tightly integrated with applications -- which most cloud offerings don't provide.

In addition, the inherent latency of the cloud and the significant costs that can arise in accessing large amounts of data in the cloud create challenges for customers in managing what data is stored there.

The Power of Quantum's Multi-tier, Hybrid Approach Taking into account both the benefits and challenges of the cloud, Quantum's approach is to enable customers to combine public cloud storage with on-premise storage in a multi-tier, intelligently managed, application-centric architecture. Rather than treat the cloud as a passive repository or the answer to all needs -- as is common among many providers -- Quantum integrates the cloud as an active tier in a hybrid storage infrastructure driven by application requirements.

This comprehensive approach provides customers with an optimal mix of performance, access, scale and efficiency and is the basis for not only today's Q-Cloud announcements but also innovative new cloud offerings Quantum is currently developing. By adding a public cloud tier also managed by StorNext, Quantum gives us the ability to drive even greater efficiencies in our content workflows.

This is key to leveraging the cloud where it makes sense and in the most effective way possible, particularly in highly demanding data environments. That's the approach Quantum has taken, building on its expertise in managing and protecting data within and across storage tiers.

In addition, the new Q-Cloud offerings enhance the value that both StorNext and DXi provide, not only to existing Quantum customers but also to other users that have been hesitant about incorporating the cloud. That's why we designed our new Q-Cloud solutions to be deployed in broader, intelligently managed hybrid architectures that enable customers to optimize the use of both on-premise and cloud storage in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. About Quantum Quantum is a leading expert in scale-out storage, archive and data protection, providing solutions for capturing, sharing and preserving digital assets over the entire data lifecycle.

quantum q-cloud protect service provides secure offsite

From small businesses to major enterprises, more thancustomers have trusted Quantum to address their most demanding data workflow challenges. With Quantum, customers can Be Certain TM they have the end-to-end storage foundation to maximize the value of their data by making it accessible whenever and wherever needed, retaining it indefinitely and reducing total cost and complexity.

See how at www. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All statements other than statements of historical fact are statements that could be deemed forward-looking statements. Specifically, but without limitation, statements relating to 1 benefits and value to customers from using Quantum's Q-Cloud solutions, including Q-Cloud Archive, Q-Cloud Vault and Q-Cloud Protect for AWS, 2 customer demand for and Quantum's future revenue from such solutions, 3 the availability of such solutions and 4 Quantum's plans for future products and solutions, are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Safe Harbor.

All forward-looking statements in this press release are based on information available to Quantum on the date hereof. These statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause Quantum's actual results to differ materially from those implied by the forward-looking statements. More detailed information about these risk factors are set forth in Quantum's periodic filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including, but not limited to, those risks and uncertainties listed in the section entitled "Risk Factors," in Quantum's Quarterly Report on Form Q filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on November 7, and in Quantum's Annual Report on Form K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 6,especially those risks listed in this section under the headings "Our operating results depend on a limited number of products and on new product introductions, which may not be successful, in which case our business, financial condition and operating results may be materially and adversely affected.

PR Feed. Need to Know. TV Jobs.When it comes to data recovery after a local disaster; organizations across the globe prefer the best services available option in the market. Quantum is a proficient service provider of storage, data protection and archive, presenting a plethora of smart solutions for capturing, preserving and sharing digital resources over the entire data lifecycle.

The company offers high quality tape and software solutions for virtual, cloud and physical domains. Q-Cloud Protect is a virtual deduplication tool which works with Quantum DXi systems to deliver disaster recovery solution and hybrid-cloud backup functionality for the organizations. On-premises DXi virtual or physical system provides fast local restores to obtain data out of the public cloud with minimum associated cost.

The data here is processed to be deduplicated before replication and encrypted back to avoid loss of data under any circumstances. Q-Cloud Protect enables them to start using the cloud for off-site disaster recovery, directly integrating it with their existing infrastructure while taking advantage of cloud economics. Q-Cloud Protect is licensed on an hourly basis allowing the customers to pay for cloud resources they actually use.

The capital expenses associated with hardware at the DR site are eliminated effectively. AWS Ensono: The Gateway to Digital Transformation. Auxis: Maximizing the Value of Cloud for Organizations.

Troubleshooting the $100,000 PC

Agile5 Technologies, Inc. Trility Consulting: Accelerating Cloud Adoption. OpenVPN Inc. Nimbis Services, Inc. Avantgarde Partners: Automating Security Responses. Command Prompt, Inc. CloudEnablers: Journey to Cloud Transformation. Cryptzone: Pioneering Context- Aware Security.

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More info. However, if you would like to share the information in this article, you may use the link below:. Most Popular of 8. AWS Top Vendors.

quantum q-cloud protect service provides secure offsite

Tweets by cioreview. Read Also.Hardware failures. Power outages. Human error. Threats to your data are everywhere and evolving fast. Yet many companies rely on outdated backup technologies to protect their server environment. The software, the cloud service and even optional hardware are fully integrated and supported. Enjoy the confidence of knowing you can recover and restore crucial systems if your business is threatened with a data disaster. Carbonite solutions are easy to deploy and manage so you can focus on other things.

Protect your physical and virtual servers with comprehensive solutions that can be custom-fit to any business. We have successfully recovered from crypto virus infections that spread to our network drives on multiple instances and also recovered our Exchange server database from a complete raid failure loss. We feel more secure now. Automatically back up your data to the cloud with options to protect files locally for faster recovery.

All-in-one backup and recovery solution for physical, virtual and legacy systems with optional cloud failover. Information and preparation are crucial. Learn how to prevent a ransomware attack—and what to do if one gets through. Ransomware, data loss and other disasters can have permanent consequences for a business.

Explore our infographic to see the consequences of not being prepared. Data protection often seems like a clash between competing interests: the need to protect data, against the need to protect access to data. The challenge lies in deploying the right protection across the different systems and types of data, since they each require different forms of protection.

Server backup solutions Protect critical business data when disaster strikes. Data disasters take many forms Ransomware. Gain assurance in an uncertain world Enjoy the confidence of knowing you can recover and restore crucial systems if your business is threatened with a data disaster.

Let's talk. Customer testimonials. Customize your backup Scale up or down, combine and configure to fit your recovery needs. Contact us Talk to our experts about your server backup requirements and recovery time objectives. We'll tailor a solution that's right for you. Become a partner Enjoy more support, more incentives and more opportunities to grow your business through the Carbonite Partner program.Call a Specialist Today!

Protect your business against localized disaster and start using the cloud today with hybrid-cloud deduplication. For companies with a single site looking to protect their business against localized disasters, companies looking to eliminate tape for offsite protection, or companies looking for a hybrid-cloud approach to backup and DR, Q-Cloud Protect was designed to meet your needs.

All backups are stored locally for easy recovery, and backups can be recovered from the Amazon cloud in the event of a local disaster. Additional technical specifications can be found by searching for Q-Cloud Protect within Marketplace.

quantum q-cloud protect service provides secure offsite

Toggle navigation. Overview: Protect your business against localized disaster and start using the cloud today with hybrid-cloud deduplication What is Q-Cloud Protect?

Eliminate Capital Expenses - Only pay for the cloud resources you actually use as your system grows, and eliminate capital expenses associated with hardware at a DR site or co-lo site. Eliminate Off-Site Tape Vaulting - Sending tapes off-site for disaster recovery is complex, costly, and hard to manage.

A Practical First Step Towards Cloud Adoption - Off-site storage for disaster recovery, combined with on-premise backup storage, is a great place to start using the cloud, and Q-Cloud Protect works with your existing backup infrastructure to enable a practical first step towards cloud adoption.

Q-Cloud Protect is designed as a replication target for an on-premise DXi appliance.

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